An easy way to give your employees affordable access to a brand new car

Enjoy driving a brand new car for a fraction of the cost.

How it works

Workplace Cars offers you an easy way to access a brand new car at a much reduced cost. The scheme works through salary sacrifice so the cost of the car is taken from your gross salary and is spread over a fixed term. Company car tax is payable but you could enjoy significant savings on tax and NI if you opt to take a car with low CO2 emissions.

In addition to your brand new car, our all-inclusive car package typically includes standard servicing, tax disc, replacement tyres and fully comprehensive insurance as well as breakdown and recovery and windscreen cover. Exclusive manufacturers' discounts are also frequently available leading to enhanced overall savings.

With no hidden fees or deposits required, Workplace Cars will really help you get excellent value for money.

Scheme benefits

  • Enjoy easy access to a wide range of brand new cars.
  • Costs spread over a fixed term, for easy budgeting.
  • No hidden fees or deposits.
  • Feel better about your carbon footprint with a low CO2 emissions car.